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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

hurricane SANDY

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم....nikmat apakah lagi yang mahu kau DUSTAKAN....?

Here are the live updates, tweets and important information on Hurricane Sandy from US.

- A nuclear alert was sounded after reports of waters Superstorm Sandy rose 6 feet above sea level. The plant's owner, Exelon Corp., said power was also disrupted in the station's switchyard, but backup diesel generators were providing stable power, with more than two weeks of fuel on hand.
- New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg@MikeBloomberg tweets: Storm surge peaked at 13.88 ft at the Battery. Now 9.81 ft & going down. Power outages and other serious issues remain #NYC #Sandy

- US President Barack Obama calls in army for relief measures.

- Afterseven@Afterseven tweets: 5 people have been killed in New York, including a man hit by tree while inside his Queens home. #Sandy

- New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg@MikeBloomberg tweets: #NYC PLEASE RT: Do not go outside. Conditions are extremely dangerous. Please stay where you are until the storm passes #Sandy

- Noted author Salman Rushdie@SalmanRushdie tweets: The power is out over much of manhattan / including here. Good night all. Good luck, tree.

- Actor Amitabh Bachchan@SrBachchan tweets: T 916 - Some negative remarks being made on naming the 'superstorm' Sandy ! Hurricanes, Typhoons, are named alphabetically on time line !!

- Actor Neha Dhupia@Neha_Dhupia tweets: #sandy looks very worrying! @palbawa are u and all of east coast ok? Stay indoors, be safe!

- Sandy's death toll rises to 13; estimated 5.7 million without power: Reports

- Dave Rubin@RubinReport tweets: It's raining harder than at any point tonight. And I'm 99% sure I just saw Ann Coulter riding up Broadway on a broom. #Sandy

- Anonymous@YourAnonNews tweets: Update: Deaths reported in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia as a reult of #Sandy
- Anthony De Rosa@AntDeRosa tweets: God bl every nurse, doctor, cop, fire fighter, emergency services worker out there tonight, and thank you. #Sandy

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